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<p>Romancing SaGa 3 originally came out 24 years ago on the SNES or I should probably say the Super Famicom since it never received a Western release. Until now of course, otherwise writing this news piece would be a little strange. The remastered version of the JRPG will release on 11th November for iOS, Android, Switch or PS Vita.</p><p>It's not the first game in the series to head over to the West eventually though. The prequel, Romancing SaGa 2, came to mobile in 2016. So it clearly did well enough that Square Enix felt the sequel deserved to be given the remaster treatment.</p><p>You'll start the game by choosing one of 8 different protagonists to become 'The Child of Destiny'. You'll recruit new members to join your party as you go along and will experience various intertwining storylines as you make your way through the game.</p>.

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